Refutation of Nilesh Oak’s dating of ancient texts

Surya Siddhanta was NOT written over 14,000 years ago

Refutation of the article “Ancient updates to Sūrya-siddhānta” by Nilesh N. Oak and Rupa Bhaty

In an article in IndiaFacts and two presentations [1–3], Nilesh N. Oak and Rupa Bhaty have claimed that astronomical text Sūrya Siddhānta contains information that can be dated to 12,000 BCE. Oak and Bhaty have cited three astronomical observations from Sūrya Siddhānta that can be simultaneously satisfied only in 12,000 BCE [1]:

Figure 1: Position of the sun during solstices and equinoxes as specified in Vedānga Jyotisha
Figure 2: Illustration of equatorial coordinate system
Figure 3: The coordinates of Vega (Abhijit) in 12,000 BCE
Figure 4: The coordinates of Canopus (Agastya) in ~12,000 BCE
Table 1: Declination of Agastya (Canopus) from 0 to -20,000 BCE (Source: Stellarium)
Table 1: Declination of Agastya (Canopus) from 0 to -20,000 BCE (continued)
Figure 5: The coordinates of Thuban in ~2,900 BCE
Figure 6: The coordinates of Kochab in ~320 BCE
Table 2: Declination of Kochab from years -1000 to 0 (Source: Stellarium)
Figure 7: Apsidal precession and the seasons. Image credit: Krishnavedala/Wikimedia commons 3.0 license [].

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